Agent's Perspective - Maintaining Real Estate

Maintenance is a continual process of balancing service and costs to preserve the physical conditionof a property. Efficient property maintenance demands an accurate  assessment of the needs of the building, whether it is your home or income property. 

There are three different levels of maintenance that one must consider: 1) preventative maintenance, 2) corrective maintenance, and 3) routine maintenance. 

Preventative maintenance is aimed at preserving the physical integrity of the building and eliminating corrective maintenance costs. Regular maintenance activities can prevent problems before expensive repairs become necessary. 

Corrective maintenance involves the actual repairs that keep the property functioning on a day by day basis; fixing faucet and toilet leaks, maintaining the heating system, etc. It is much better to do corrective repairs quickly than to let them go unattended and allow them to develop into greater problems. 

The third and most time consuming is routine maintenance; these are the basic housekeeping chores. Routine maintenance can be the most tedious, but also can be the most important. Like anything else in life, you are always better off keeping up with your responsibilities rather than letting them go until they become much larger problems. Playing catch up can be very frustrating and also much more costly in the long run. 

Everybody enjoys a well maintained property. Keeping up your property is just another example of people being responsible. The rewards are great for your efforts. Most problems that property owners have with their property are usually due to lack of ongoing maintenance. 

Eric Ruxton and Larry Aikins are the owners of Terrace Realty Inc. and Terrace Associates Inc., in Redwood City. Terrace has been in business for over 60 years and in addition to being an independent Brokerage Company, also owns and operates rental properties.