Agent's Perspective - Serendipia Life: Coliving Redefined For Millenials

Providing Hospitality for ‘Start-Ups, Risk-Takers, Change-Makers & Digital Nomads’ 
The Bay Area is in the midst of an ever-worsening housing crunch. San Francisco Mayor London Breed and her Board of Supervisors are acutely aware of the problem, but to date, they have made little headway in dealing with the crisis. 
While city officials continue to run in place, Belgian born JeanLoïck Michaux ( J-Lo to his friends), Founder & CEO of Serendipia Life, has been proactive in coming up with a creative and affordable solution of his own. His new coliving concept is reinventing how millennials live, work, and play. Marketing to young tech professionals and entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s, Serendipia Life offers, per their website, a “culture-based community where we put our people in the center of everything we do”. J-Lo, describes his living spaces as “a cozy-lounge sanctuary where art meets technology, sustainability, and new ideas take place”. Serendipia Life encourages its members to lead a healthy lifestyle, advocating sports activities, healthy food & drinks, lumino-therapy and good music to “triple one’s level of focus and productivity”. 
12 ‘nomads’ occupy 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and commonly share kitchen, living room & dining room spaces in a typical apartment complex setting. The cost: $1300 per person all in. Minimum stay is one month, with many boarders choosing to remain for a year or more. Amenities such as furniture, utilities, high-speed internet, house cleaner and a fully stocked kitchen are all included. Community gatherings such as barbeques or potluck dinners are held on weekends. 
Every inch of a coliving complex is accounted for, including the garage, which is often times repurposed to function as a recording studio, piano bar, office, or as a special event space to host startups or ‘hackathons’. Complimentary bicycles and skate boards are also available at the door. 
Serendipia Life’s first location opened in 2016 at 717 Union Street in North Beach (Washington Square). A second nearby location was recently launched at 1930 Powell Street. Two international locations in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires are also scheduled to open later this year. 
Serendipia Life has hosted over 350 guests to date from all over the world, including Argentina, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, France, and Belgium. Many have made friends for life. Since his founding of Serendipia Life with an initial investment of $20,000 from Bitcoin profits, J-Lo’s company has earned a staggering $530,000 in revenue over the course of just three short years. J-Lo, who holds a master’s degree from Hult International Business School in social entrepreneurship, is a charismatic rock star in his own right, and is held in high esteem by his fellow boarders. 
For more information visit Serendipia Life’s website at or email to arrange for a personal tour.