Agent's Perspective - The Best Investment of All

There is probably no better place to start building financial security than with the purchase of a home. Few, if any, countries in the world have as high a percentage of home ownership as we enjoy. The personal residence is usually the biggest investment that most people make. 

People usually do not have any fears about taking on a mortgage to buy a home. After all, a home is the cornerstone of every family’s security. Today lenders have a large variety of home loan programs available to home buyers and rates are still at historical lows. Obviously the higher your income the better, but with a good job and good credit you generally have an excellent chance of securing a home loan. The best approach is to shop for the best loan and rate, then become prequalified, before shopping for your home. 

Over time you not only can enjoy living in your home, but you also build equity. The equity you have in your home not only gives you security, but it also can create great opportunities. We realize that people enjoy the comfort and security that comes with substantial equity in their homes, but this equity could be put to better use. 

Unlocking your equity and using it to make additional real estate investments is something worth considering. 

Nobody should put their home at risk, but sound real estate investments can help you build financial independence. The equity in your home can help you purchase an investment property that can significantly increase your rate of equity growth. You will have two real estate investments working for you, instead of one. Your equity is still there, it is just in two properties instead of one. This is an example of having your money work for you, instead of you working for your money. 

When considering making a real estate investment, whether it is your home or income producing property, it is always be a good idea to shop for a real estate professional before shopping for the investment.