Agent's Perspective - Which Realtor is Right For Me?

We are often asked, “Does it make any difference which real estate company we use?” Our response is “not really”. What does make a difference is the individual real estate professional you decide to work with. As in any field, there are some real estate agents who rise to the top of their profession, while the majority does not. 
Successful real estate professionals not only have education and experience, they have a genuine love for their business. They are known and respected by their peers. The real estate profession is not just a job for them, it is their passion. 
Some agents will lead you to believe that there are advantages to working with a large franchise real estate brokerage company, when today there is nothing further from the truth. Real estate salespeople who work for some of the larger companies are often very restricted in what they are able to do for you. These companies are often referred to as having a cookie-cutter approach to the real estate business. 
Sophisticated Realtors that have years of experience and knowledge of the business are often able to fulfill special needs for their clients. For example, they can locate or provide short term financing to help facilitate a transaction, they have intimate knowledge of exchange regulations and possibilities, or they can creatively structure transactions to meet special tax or estate planning situations. 
Today you do not need a company that touts their size. All that this means is that they may have a lot of offices and a lot of agents. Some of their agents are good, hardworking professionals, but many are not. With the internet, all salespeople are able to expose your property on the “world wide web”. It doesn’t matter how large or small the real estate office is. 
Any good agent with access to the internet can expose your property to the world. This will result in more people knowing about your property and its availability. The best chance you have of obtaining top dollar for your property will be as a result of working with an experienced professional who is skilled in marketing and negotiating on your behalf. 
There are various measures of success in the real estate business. Finding the right agent to work with is imperative. You need an agent that you feel comfortable with and be able to really talk and share your feelings without reservation. 
How long has your agent been in the real estate business? How long has your Realtor been working in your area? Is your Realtor proactive? Does your Realtor return your phone calls and emails quickly? Does your Realtor keep in constant contact with you? A good agent gives constant valuable advice and guidance based on experience, knowledge, and a proven track record.