The ongoing fires and evacuations in the Wine Country should serve as a wakeup call for homeowners to start thinking about organizing and assess the value of their personal belongings well in advance of an unexpected disaster. If your personal property such as furniture, clothes and electronics were damaged, how much would it cost to replace? Knowing the value of your belongings will not only help you in selecting appropriate insurance limits, but can make the claims adjusting process far more streamlined in the event of a serious loss. There are many different ways that a home inventory app can be used, including before or after a move in order to account for all of your belongings, conducting a moving or estate sale, or for keeping track of items in a furnished rental.

Home inventory apps offer free as well as paid versions options. The free/basic versions have fewer features by design, and are not always compatible with all electronic devices. The paid/premium versions, which range from $4.00-$8.00 per month - or up to $40.00 if purchased outright, offer extra features, tools, and storage capacity.

Popular home inventory applications currently available on the market include:

Home Inventory ($40.00) – Ranked more expensive than the other apps but has some of the best reviews, with a feature which makes sure you have adequate insurance for your home and contents

Sortly (Free download) or Sortly Plus ($48.00 per year) – User friendly and highly rated. Organize your home contents across 5 levels of folders allowing you to capture documents, receipts, barcodes and up to 8 photos of each item. The premium version allows for exporting to Dropbox or backing up to the Cloud

BluePlum Home Inventory ($18.00) – One of the most comprehensive apps available. In addition to being able to add multiple properties and collections, videos and documents can be added to each item, along with prompt fields to add information such as year/make/ model. It can even calculate annual depreciation

Nest Egg ($5.00 mo) – In addition to being able to categorize your items, Nest Egg allows for backups and synching so your inventory won’t be lost if any of your devices are damaged or lost. Includes an online price checker for reordering.

Memento Database ($3.00-$5.00 mo): Performing data analysis including aggregation, charting, sorting, grouping and filtering entries by any field selected

MyStuff ($4.00 mo) – Includes a robust search feature. Allows for sharing inventory with multiple family members to make sure everyone’s belongings are properly accounted for

Magic Home Inventory ($5.00 mo) This Android device allows for categorized and hierarchical inventory with advanced search and visualization features

Smart Inventory System ($5.00 mo) - A comprehensive cloud-based inventory management software for Android users which can be accessed from the web or on Android devices. Use from anywhere on any device to track and manage your inventory and sales

In the event that you are faced with a personal property loss, having a current and up to date inventory database can make a huge difference in dealing with the claims proc