As of March 31, 2020 The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) has updated their Best Practices guidelines related to real estate agents and their clients entering a seller’s property. Highlights include:

Listing agents should not leave brochures and flyers in the property but instead utilize any showcasing or other marketing features available through one’s MLS system to highlight the property

All showings are to be held by appointment only

Discourage anyone who does not need to view the property from attending a showing

Agents conducting the showing should meet clients at the property and not drive the client to the property, so as to minimize risk. Information relevant for the showing should be provided in advance to the clients electronically. MLS rules generally require agents to have obtained the seller’s permission for a client to enter without the agent being physically present

Consider limiting in-person, non-virtual showings to “serious” potential buyers, who are those who have provided verifications of funds and lender prequalification letters to show they are able to purchase the property that is the subject of the showing

Let the seller know well in advance that there is an appointment for a showing

If using a lockbox, be sure to disinfect the key, the box, and the doorknob prior to utilizing

When using disposable gloves, be sure to put them on prior to entry and to dispose of them after leaving each property

Ask seller to turn the lights on and leave interior doors, drapes and blinds open. If the property is vacant, agent should ensure these tasks are taken care of prior to the showing

Refrain from touching any surface during a showing

As indicated above and following the CDC guidelines, maintain a safe distance from anyone in the property by staying a minimum of six feet apart

If the size of the residential unit makes it difficult to maintain a six-foot distance for all parties attending the showing, individuals may need to wait outside and come into the property one at a time, at all times maintaining proper social distance

Bring your own sanitizers, and gloves - don’t rely on others to bring them. If hand sanitizers are unavailable, liquid hand soap for hand washing should be made available

Follow suggestions in the CDC’s Cleaning & Disinfecting Guide and provide this information to sellers, advising them to disinfect the property according to those guidelines after the showing is complete

Discussions after the showing with the seller or clients should be conducted through electronic means such as email, telephone, Zoom or FaceTime, rather than in person, as maintaining a conversation while adhering to the social distance guidelines is difficult

For HOAs, have the seller obtain a copy of any new rules that may govern showings of common areas or entry to the property. To review C.A.R.s Best Practices new guidelines in its entirety go to: https://www.carcovidupdate