Environmental wellness is no longer a trend in home construction. As a result of shelter-in-place mandates it has become a much larger movement, aimed at weaving awareness and nature into a home’s interior. It is applied in broad yet specific strokes, which can now cover everything from air quality and human-centric lighting, to digital art canvases that evoke realistic outdoor elements, and more.

In today’s world we spend around 90% of our lives indoors – and that was before the pandemic brought our work and social lives almost exclusively into ours homes. It is therefore no surprise that there has been a surge of interest by homeowners seeking to proactively create more balanced spaces, leading toward optimal well-being and holistic health. Humans have always had an innate desire to be connected with nature, and it’s from this ancient need that today’s home compositions have bio-philia at the core.

While new construction allows the best opportunity to incorporate the most advanced, state-of-the-art wellness applications, there is still an expansive array of options that any homeowner can immediately benefit from. In our current residential market, these improvements are not only of benefit to an individual or family, but can also enhance the resale value and overall desirability of any property.

To navigate this evolving home landscape, companies like Global Wave Integration (GWI) that specialize in custom technology designs and solutions now offer an array of products that elevate luxury homes into intuitively controlled environments. Taking note that that many of GWI’s clientele were already investing in upgraded living-in-place technologies, the company focused their time during the quarantine to focus on creating an immersive wellness experience at their Burbank, CA showroom. Here, you can take comfort in the highest quality air and water purification systems, while kicking your feet up in anti-gravity chairs. Using voice control, you can bathe yourself in mood altering sights, lights, and sounds, seamlessly adapting the space to your individual preferences. Everything from energy storage to efficiency systems are on display to provide consumers with an undeniable difference of being in a wellness-intelligent environment.

Our homes have always been a symbol of safety and comfort. In our new and emerging world, this has taken on a more profound and deeper meaning. With modern technology, ingenuity and imagination, our homes can also become a wellness sanctuary -built not to contain us, but rather to help us confidently thrive