First Projects To Tackle After Moving In

After taking the plunge and purchasing a home most people are eager to make that home their own. Here are some suggestions of things you might want to do right away.

You never know how many old keys may be floating around, given to neighbors or relatives of the previous owners. With so many new security products in the marketplace now is a good time to add an automated locking system.

Before anything is moved to sanitize the kitchen and baths and prepare the walls for a touch of painting job, first give all the surfaces a thorough scrub down so you can start fresh. Unless you are in love with the existing interior paint colors now is a great time to make the home feel like yours by painting on a color of your choice.

Repair or replace any broken fixtures or appliances. Check things such as door knobs. drawer pulls, outlet covers and toilet seat covers. If time and budget are a concern start with repairs in the highest traffi c areas of the house and then move on to the smaller projects.

You can make these projects a family affair and thus they will be fun to do and give you good quality time with each other. Especially now that winter is here and the weather is cold doing things indoors just make good sense.