Video and social media marketing for real estate agent’s listings has gone from a good idea to an imperative in 2021 during Covid 19. With open houses no longer being an option, home buyer video views in the Bay Area have soared by 300% vs. 2019’s numbers, as reported by Blu Sky Films real estate video analytics.

Now that open houses are no longer a reality for the next year or so, having an engaging real estate listing video is critical to an agent’s marketing efforts in order to achieve maximum returns on real estate transactions. In addition to helping showcase a home to buyers, listing videos can also appeal to sellers who will see an online video and want a similar level of video marketing for their listing.

A good real estate listing video will keep potential buyers engaged on an agent’s website longer and will ideally help them qualify or disqualify a home more rapidly. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, a listing video should focus on what’s important for buyers now.

Due to a year of sheltering in place, Bay Area home buyers have become extremely interested in watching videos that feature outdoor areas of a home such as backyards, patios, pools etc. It is important that a video spends a bit more time on outdoor areas, at least until things get back to normal.

A listing video should also be exciting and concise. Blu Sky FIlm’s data suggests that videos from one to two minutes in length get far better buyer engagement than videos lasting over two minutes. Keep it short! It has also been noted that buyers previewing listing videos on their cell phones are easily distracted, so besides a listing video being brief it should also be fun and engaging.

Once a quality video has been created for a seller’s home, it’s time to leverage the power of social media marketing to drive buyer traffic to the listing. Great success can be achieved with a 30-day paid Facebook marketing campaign. During the pandemic, ad click through rates haveincreased dramatically - a clear sign that consumers are spending more time on their cellphones and Ipads interacting on Facebook.

By using Facebook’s powerful ad targeting options,a listing can be positioned to buyers in specific districts within San Francisco, or in affluent cities such as Atherton or Tiburon. Listing videos can also be targeted to buyers with specific interests like private schools, pet owners, car enthusiasts, or world travelers. Each listing is different as are it’s buyers. Try and envision the ideal buyer for the home when creating a campaign. In terms of an ad spend on Facebook, it is recommended to allocate either $5 or $10 per day to ensure maximum exposure online.

Creating a high-quality video, combined with focused social media marketing efforts, can get a seller’s listing in front of highly specific local buyers - significantly increasing the chances of getting a home sold quickly and for the best possible price.

For realtors needing assistance with video and social media marketing, the team at Blu Sky Films is offering 10% off their first listing video or 30-day Facebook Marketing Campaign. For more information visit www.bluskyfilms. com/2021.