Neighborhood Spotlight - Corona Heights and Randall Museum

Just south of Buena Vista Park andwest of the Duboce Triangle is the small central neighborhood of Corona Heights. The streets can be narrow, curving, steep and quiet although 17th Street, Clayton Street and Market Street come alive as the main thoroughfares. 

Architecture runs the gamut from quaint Victorians and stylish Villas to modern sleek contemporary homes. Several mini parks dot the community cared for by the locals. The nearby neighborhoods of the Castro, Haight Ashbury and Cole Valley offer a variety of shopping and dining opportunities while public transportation and private shuttle access is very good. 

Corona Heights Playground and the Randall Museum are located within the Corona Heights Park. The area is composed of Franciscan chert bedrock and much of the hill is exposed and without vegetation as a result of earlier quarrying in the 1800’s. At the top, at an elevation of about 510 feet, the polished red rock is clearly visible. Below are tennis courts, lawns and picnic tables. 

In 1928 Josephine Randall, the Recreation Superintendent proposed that the City buy “Rock Hill” and in 1941 the 16 acres officially became Corona Heights. Designated as a natural area, the Park hosts a variety of native and non-local flora and fauna. Randall Museum is also here, named for the woman who was successful in promoting it. 

Opened in 1951, the Museum became a community for all ages. 

The focus is on culture and the environment of the bay area and arts and sciences classes are offered. There is the California native animal room and workshops for children, teens and families. Performances are presented there by the Teen’s Musical Theater. Community groups use the facilities for meetings and lectures. The  “Outdoor Learning Environment” hosts the “Learning Gardens” and the “Native Plant Garden”.  An observation deck provides amazing panoramas of downtown San Francisco and the Bay area beyond. On a clear day, the white caps of the Sierras can be seen in the distance.