Thinking about becoming a real estate agent? Get ready to face tough competition. It no doubt takes a certain type of person and personality to become successful in real estate. If you are still trying to decide if real estate is the career for you, read on. Here are some of the most important qualities needed to become the next top agent:

A winning personality: Real estate is a people-oriented career. You need to have a personality that can win over perspective clients and gain their confidence. While it takes time to become a successful real estate agent, a friendly personality can score a lot of points right away. Clients will want to work with you more often simply because you have an amiable demeanor and boundless enthusiasm.

The ability to network: Real estate is all about who you know and who knows you. Without connections, you’ll never be a successful real estate professional. The ability to network isn’t optional – it’s a required skill. You don’t have to be an extravert, however, in order to succeed in networking. Some introverts are great at networking as they are often better listeners and more focused on quality conversations.

Being able to negotiate: A big part of the job will require negotiation skills. After a few years in real estate, you’ll probably be able to teach a class on negotiation skills. Negotiation is critical as you will need to continually haggle over at least three things: the listing price, the selling price, and your commission. If you can secure a good commission for yourself, you have an innate ability to negotiate on all other real estate matters.

The ability to solve problems: Every client will come to you with a problem. They need help buying or selling a house. Your job is to solve that problem. While the problem may be the same, there are different variations that you will need to tackle, such as the client’s budget or a ‘must sell’ timeline. You’ll need to feel comfortable with constantly solving problems – sometimes in ways that aren’t the most obvious or conventional.

Tech and social media savviness: You need to know your way around a computer and the internet. Being able to navigate around websites isn’t just nice to know – it’s a must. If you don’t know much about technology or how social media works, you must be willing to learn. Otherwise, you’ll be eclipsed by tech savvy competition.

Self-motivation: As a real estate agent you are your own boss, an independent contractor. No one is going to breath down your neck and force you to work. It’s entirely up to you. Self-discipline is a must.

Strong communication skills: Whether you are fielding questions from clients, engaging with fellow agents, or building a network with other professionals you will do a lot of talking.

Though it may seem like you either have these qualities or you don’t, the good news is that most can be developed or learned