Which Home to Purchase - Agent's Perspective

In most of the Bay Area, and particularly on the peninsula, most homes that are purchased are previously owned homes. This is not necessarily the case in other parts of the country. Due to the limited supply of homes for sale on the peninsula, and their affordability, our choices of homes to purchase take on a different perspective than elsewhere.

However, when considering the type of home to purchase, there are some questions to ask yourself. There are advantages to a one story home; no stairs to climb, they are easier to maintain, and access to bedrooms and an outdoor patio is usually easier. Some of the disadvantages of a one story home are that it can be more difficult to have privacy for bedroom areas and
it usually requires a larger lot. 

With a two story home, the living area and bedrooms enjoy more separation for privacy. A two story home can cost less to build per square foot. There is less roof area, less foundation, and less exterior wall area. Also, a two story home takes up less lot space. Two stories can be more difficult to maintain; you have stairs to contend with, and usually you do not have access to the outside from the upper floor. A split level home is somewhat of a compromise between the single story and two story home.

Some buyers really desire a newer home, as opposed to an older home. There are advantages to both. The newer home often has more energy efficient features, larger rooms and closets, and fit today’s lifestyles. Newer homes usually are more expensive and in more outlying areas. An older home most likely will be located in a more established neighborhood, having more charm or character. Older homes often need more repairs or upgrading. Most of the homes on the Peninsula are older homes. There are few areas to build new homes and most of the new homes on the Peninsula are a result of a tear down or extensive remodel. 

Often buyers have strong preferences in what they envision their home to “look like”. It is very important to sit down and explain what your dream home should look like to your Realtor. We always suggest buying a home in the best location you can afford. You should stretch your budget as much as possible; and later on you will be happy that you did.

We usually ask our clients to list the features and amenities they desire
and then categorize them in order of importance. It is just as important
to let your Realtor know what you do not like, as well as what you do like, so your Realtor has a better understanding of what to look for. An experienced Realtor can be very helpful in taking you through this process.

You are never going to find the perfect home, it normally doesn’t exist. Rather than trying to find that elusive home, turn your attention toward finding a home that, with improvements will ultimately be your ideal home.